Revolutionary ACR CYCLONES Format Goes Live

ACRs revolutionary CYCLONES format is up and running, the blitz-poker steps satellites that offer cheap and fast – very fast! – routes into the tournaments such as the $6million GTD Venom.

By: Andrew Burnett

Satellites have been around forever, but Americas CardRoom have redesigned them with their CYCLONE format, in which a fast-paced run-up of your starting stack to 5000 chips gives you the ticket you need to play up a level.

Here’s how the basics work:

  1. Buy-in at any of the 7 levels for between $0.25 and $630 and find yourself in a Blitz player pool, with roughly 10BBs to your name.
  2. Fight your way to a 5000-chip stack and you’ve qualified, none of this top 10% of the field old-school approach.
  3. The Blitz player pool allows you to come and go as you please – take a break, go for dinner, and when you return your stack is still there.
  4. Win multiple tickets with one buy-in. This works if you end up with more than 5k in chips – you not only have your ticket to the next level, but you can use the extra chips above 5k to play the same level again.
  5. If you’re close to the 5k target but can’t seem to get across the finishing line, you can click the FOR THE WIN feature and buy out the difference.
  6. Whatever tickets you win, you can use any time – although if you bag a $2650 Venom ticket you’ll have to play when the rest of the runners do!
  7. You can do what you want with your tickets – use them, fire multiple bullets in one event, or sell them on the Venom Marketplace – the choice is yours.

That’s 7 points to note and matches the 7 levels of CYCLONES, with all the details in the table below…

Step Buy In + Fee Total Starting Chips Target Stack Prize
1 $0.23 + $0.02 0.25 697 5000 1.5 + .15 Ticket
2 $1.5 + $0.15 1.65 1137 5000 6 + .6 Ticket
3 $6 + $0.6 6.6 1119 5000 15 + 1.50 Ticket
4 $15 + $1.5 16.5 1364 5000 50 + 5 Ticket
5 $50 + $5 55 1163 5000 200 + 15 Ticket
6 $200 + $15 215 1588 5000 600 + 30 Ticket
7 $600 + $30 630 1133 5000 Venom Ticket

Cyclones are the fastest and easiest way to win tickets to ACR’s Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs), with the $6million GTD, $2,650 buy-in Venom the ultimate goal – the winner of that one taking home a cool $million.

ACR head honcho Phil Nagy has been showing of the new CYCLONES in the client lobby, with seemingly plenty of players flocking to the new format…

Remember, you don’t have to start at the bottom and fight your way up the ladder if you don’t want to – you can buy in at any of the 7 levels.

Check out the ACR CYCLONES here and join the satellite revolution!


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