Tom Dwan Travels to Japan and London with Jungleman Hot on His Heels

It is a rare occasion that sees Tom Dwan take to Twitter, but when he does you can be sure Jungleman is among the first to pounce and ask, Where’s my money?

By: Andrew Burnett

Well, not in quite so many words, but Dan 'Jungleman' Cates has been waiting for a long time to see some resolution to the infamous Durrrr Challenge that ended prematurely and somewhat acrimoniously back in 2011.

We’ll get to that in a moment, but first up, what has Dwan been up to? Skiing in Japan with fellow nosebleed merchant Rui Cao it seems…

…Dwan’s “first time in Japan (outside an airport)” according to the man himself, a skiing trip to the northern Hokkaido Island resort town of Niseko, close to the dormant Mt. Yotei volcano.

Follow-up tweets indicate he wasn’t actually the worst skier in the group, and then it was time to fly to London for the ICE convention – the world’s ‘Gaming Innovation Showcase’, in the company of poker-playing businessman Stanley Choi

Dwan and his Asian highroller bedfellows were likely on a previously unscheduled holiday.

The Coronavirus outbreak forcing the cancellation of the Triton Poker SHR Series Jeju stop in South Korea this month, as well as closing Macau’s 41 casinos – where most of the highstakes cash games are played.

Back to something else that was cancelled – the Durrrr Challenge between Dwan and Jungleman Dan – and it’s not the first time Cates has had to step in on Twitter to focus Dwan’s mind on what’s really important in life.

As we reported last year, Cates called out Dwan over his ‘prop bet trickery’ bragging…

…and in what may well be turning into an annual affair, he had already closed out 2018 by reminding Dwan of the unfinished match-up that seems destined never to be finished

For those new to the game, or whose memories have faded in the past decade, the 2010 Durrrr Challenge heads-up battle saw Dwan hammered for $1.2million before Black Friday struck in the spring of 2011, and Jungleman has been trying to either get the match finished, or receive compensation from Dwan ever since.

Perhaps we’ll be back again in 2021 with yet another Twitter shout and reply from the duo!


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