Rob Yong Devastated as partypoker Crashes During Sunday Schedule

Just like much of Europe with Storm Ciara battering the UK and beyond, the Sunday grind fell foul to events beyond the control, a server crash wiping out Millions day 2 and other events…

By: Andrew Burnett

As we’ll see, it wasn’t just partypoker who were affected, but Rob Yong has been pushing hard for over a year now to get the red diamond site up there with the very best.

That means taking the rough with the smooth, of course, and Yong managed to find a joke amid the chaos, narrowly escaping with the timing of a recent poll!

Before the servers gave up the Sunday ghost, Yong touched upon one of the biggest poker talking points of the past few years – the issue of rakeback grinders.

“I personally think multi table grinders who in main break even/ small loss but live off rakeback are supporting the site & getting compensation for putting their hours in”, stated Yong on Twitter.

He added: “I see it as a cost of having liquidity for site & a wage for players.”

This has been a bone of contention ever since PokerStars did the unthinkable and cut off their own SuperNova and SuperNovaElite grinders halfway through the qualifying period a few years back, leading to outcry and strikes against the site.

This has led to a difficult situation for players, the vast majority wanting to support partypoker and other sites who seem to have the players at the centre of what they do, but loving Stars’ one main plus – their solid platform.

Well, Americas CardRoom can also be counted among the unlucky ones yesterday, requiring a full server restart that ended the evening grind…

ACR CEO Phil Nagy is another, like Yong, who seems to be constantly looking to innovate and create something long-lasting for poker players, this week calling for a ‘summit’ of all the top site’s leaders.

Hopefully all the server problems will be resolved very soon and we’ll be back with the best of the weekend online action as usual next week!


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