Jungleman Says Tom Dwan is ‘Behaving Wildly Unethically’

Barely days after Dan Cates called out Tom Dwan over their unfinished challenge match, Jungleman was back on Twitter again – and this time it was serious if reports are to be believed.

By: Andrew Burnett

In a since-deleted tweet reported by other poker sites, Jungleman apparently said: “I have no problem calling @TomDwan out for behaving wildly unethically."

It continued: “Not just with me but with others he owes money to including his friends who have no real power. The real dilemma I have in my mind is where the line between justice in vengeance is, and how far I should go…”

In the almost decade since their Durrrr Challenge match ended, with Dwan down over $1million, Cates has begged, cajoled or attempted to embarrass Dwan into either playing the heads-up challenge match to a finish, or paying up what he owes.

Paying up, according to a Cates tweet last year, would cost Dwan over a $million

As we reported at the weekend, Dwan has been globetrotting with friends from the Macau highstakes scene – Rui Cao and Stanley Choi among them.

Miffed at Dwan’s apparently care-free life, Jungleman fired off the first in what would be a volley of Twitter shots at his long-time poker foe…

With no response from Dwan, a Joey Ingram tweet this week about the Galfond Challenge that Cates has signed up to, seems to have spurred Jungleman Dan to take a more aggressive stance

That was reportedly followed by the more threatening “how far should I go” tweet, a wise word in Cates’ ear likely the reason it no longer shows on his Twitter account.

Jungleman’s patience seems to be wearing very thin indeed, but nine years is a long time to wait for a resolution to anything, let alone a $1million+ debt.

You can expect Cates to be back on Twitter shortly – if Dwan survives the week, that is.


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