Luke Schwartz Blasts Phil Galfond Over Near €1,000,000 Challenge Loss

Luke Schwartz went full beast mode on Twitter at Phil Galfond after Phil announced he was seriously considering throwing in the towel in his opening PLO Challenge match against VeniVidi1993 after losing €900k...

By: Andrew Burnett

Schwartz isn’t exactly known for his tact and diplomacy, so while everyone else was sending hugs and love to Phil as he struggled to find his form, _fullflush1_ took a slightly, errr, different approach.

“Galfond is writing these pigeon fuking notes after he gets his ass handed to him every session by someone who is 5 years and 14 advanced solvers better than him,” tweeted Schwartz.

Well, whether that counts as kicking a man while he is down, Luke playing to the crowd or something a bit too close to the truth, it all came off the back of Galfond “taking a step back” to reconsider his opening match.

The dramatic though hopefully temporary stop to the first of his planned six challenge matches came after he lost yet another huge session at the weekend.

That €102k hit brought his total losses to over €900,000 with less than 10k of the proposed 25k hands played.

The first public sign that Galfond was struggling to come to terms with his inability to match online crusher VeniVidi1993 appeared when a PSA appeared on the RunItOnce Twitter account, cancelling the 16th session of play

Galfond’s follow-up tweet went into detail about his feelings of hope and despair during what has already been a tough battle, the RIO boss “proud” of the way he’d handled “an unfortunate run”.

A big winning day was followed, however, by a huge losing €268k session, and then two more, during which Galfond admits: “I couldn’t seem to gather my thoughts coherently or…make reads like I normally do”.

“I was playing scared. I was expecting to lose. I simply couldn’t get my brain to work properly”, was his honest assessment of his most recent play.

Luke Schwartz’s assessment was somewhat harsher…

“Truth is you’re a washed up nice guy everyone has their time you certainly can’t beat the top guys in PLO anymore, it’s clearly time to wave the white flag”.

He also had a few choice words for those, your writer included, who want Phil to do well and prove the old school can compete with the very best that the online game has to offer.

“And for all these fanboys…you basement boys living in the past of Full Tilt days…Phil was good then but the game has passed him and you really shouldn’t care.”

Brutal, typically Schwartz, and perhaps closer to reality than we care to believe?

Of course, it could all be hype – with Schwartz looking to get his share of the action in the Galfond Challenge - and Phil responded in typically polite fashion.

Galfond’s plan now is to take a break – paying a €3k penalty per day as he does so – before deciding whether or not to “throw in the towel”.

That would see him lose a €200k sidebet, but would allow him time to prepare for the next matchup – Bill Perkins in line, along with Dan 'Jungleman' Cates, Chance Kornuth, Brandon Adams, as well as another online beast in Action Freak.

The latter, says Schwartz, is someone Phil should avoid – another online crusher in the mould of VeniVidi1993.

Galfond - Schwartz is probably now a match-up everyone wants to see, and it looks like it may actually happen.

First up though, in Galfond’s own words: “I'm sorry for the little break in the action here, but I promise that either way, there will be plenty of challenge play ahead.”


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