Jungleman Balances Annoyance at Tom Dwan with ‘Spiritual Journey’

Jungleman Dan Cates dialled back the rhetoric on his Durrrr Challenge dispute with Tom Dwan, admitting he may not have been totally fair on his rival after previously calling Dwan wildy unethical.

By: Andrew Burnett

As we reported a couple of days ago, Cates took to Twitter in aggressive mood and mode, a since-deleted tweet reading: “I have no problem calling @TomDwan out for behaving wildly unethically".

It continued: “Not just with me but with others he owes money to including his friends who have no real power. The real dilemma I have in my mind is where the line between justice in vengeance is, and how far I should go…”

In partial climbdown from that charged tweet, Cates admitted Dwan “has made many efforts overall to pay a large sum of the challenge”, although he still insisted his Durrrr Challenge foe “has been virtually impossible to deal with overall and resisted arbitration.”

It may be that Jungleman’s lighter mood was partly due to his “spiritual journey to India”, PokerStars pro Muskan Sethi softening him up with some Indian delicacies while interviewing Cates for her podcast.

Cates is one of the game’s top pros who has made use of a ‘mindcoach’ to keep him on an even keel while battling with the world’s best players. 

The psychological coaching hasn’t entirely freed him from negative thoughts related to the $1million+ that Dwan currently owes him, but it may be the ‘X Factor’ required to stay at the top for so long.

With a Galfond PLO Challenge match on the horizon, and no real sign of the Durrrr Challenge being resolved, there’s a decent chance Cates will soon be back in poker beast mood at the tables rather than on social media.


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