What Is a Dime Worth in Poker?

Mike Timex McDonald found himself in a strange situation when asked to act as an arbiter in a mild gambling dispute.

By: Mark Patrickson

The 30-year-old Canadian was drawn into the dispute with two others over what a “dime” is worth. In US currency it is the term for a 10 cents coin, but gamblers use the word to describe a much higher sum.

Some guy wanted to flip a coin for $10,000 choosing heads. When his friend stated he already wanted heads the first guy says he’ll take tails for a dime, without clarifying both parties were in agreement over the actual amount at risk.

When the coin landed on tails $10,000 was shipped assuming that is what was agreed, only for the first guy to admit that he thought a dime meant $1,000 in this case.

Unusual to see gamblers behave in this way, but the pair then agreed to call in three friends and go with whatever they thought was right.

After Timex said it’s $1,000 and the second judge thought $10,000 the pair just said let’s go with $5,000.

What is weird about this situation is that the propositioner wanted $10,000 to begin with. Why he would change is anybody’s guess, but in typical Twitter style he was handed some abuse for being essentially naive and opening his mouth.


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