A Texas Housewife’s $1.3 Million Hand

One reason to take a trip up to Lake Tahoe in the Nevada-California border is the magnificent scenery. Another is the string of casinos that squat on the edge of the desert in that region trying to catch the Californians who are too lazy to make it all the way to Vegas.

By: Jon Pill

Dorothy Boone went there for both, but it wasn’t the scenery that changed her life forever.

Dorothy was only in Lake Tahoe for a family holiday at the advice of a friend who had a good time when they had visited. Dorothy had never been before and had come all the way from the Lone Star State where she lives. It proved well worth the travel time.

She sat down at a three-card poker table in the Harvey’s Lake Tahoe casino. After barely an hour of play, down came the ace, king and queen of spades. She had hit a royal flush, winning herself the progressive jackpot for $1,340,518 in the process.

Must be nice.

Now that she’s a millionaire, what is she gonna be spending her winning on? When asked, she said a new home. And next year – when the family go on holiday – they’re giving the casino a skip and going to Disneyworld.

Now that’s what I call quitting while you’re ahead.


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