Record Number of Bracelets in Finalised WSOP Schedule

The WSOP bigwigs have finalised the schedule for the WSOP 2020. There will be 101 events running this year way up from the 89 that ran in 2019.

By: Jon Pill

So, if you’ve ever wanted one of those shiny first place bracelets the WSOP hand out each year, there has never been a better time.

Not only are the fields expected to be much smaller, thanks to the mix of travel bans and wild panic at the spread of COVID-19, there is also going to be a record amount of wrist bling being handed out this year.

They have slightly cheated the number, as only 87 of the bracelets actually being awarded live at the series. An additional 14 bracelets will be awarded for events taking place online, a few more than last year.

This should give online players and anyone afraid of flying a decent shot at WSOP glory. Those 14 will be played on and will have a limited US player pool as a result.

The other key place the WSOP seems to be bolstering its portfolio is in the TV-friendly high-roller series, with nine games with $25k+ buy ins and an extra $10k championship event in short deck.

The latter event is probably a tester event to see if it’s worth putting on a few more short deck events next year.

With the schedule now in stone and with repeated assurances that they won’t be cancelling the whole thing, you now have permission to start getting excited.


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