The Profitability of Poker: Much More Than a Game

In the last decade, interest in online poker has skyrocketed. We know that, on the one hand, it has been due to the increase of its advertising, but the real cause of this is that the commonly called Law of Gambling regularized the situation and brought a lot of security both to the players, who knew that the online casinos where they played would have guaranteed liquidity, and to the casinos themselves, which since then are also much more protected against frauds and cyber attacks. The Gaming Law provided something else: a more correct taxation of the prizes and a geographical limitation that allows a greater control, which in fact translates into shared liquidity agreements between casinos from different countries.

Many see online poker as a game to have fun with, with or without money by using an online casino bonus. Those who play with money, also have the aim of ending the day with a better financial situation, but apart from occasional players or amateurs, there are other people who have found a business opportunity through poker, a game that is a bit far from the concept of gambling related to the casino world, due to its strong strategic component, which allows to control much more the final result of a game or a tournament. It's precisely in online poker tournaments where many find their true vocation. These tournaments can become the prelude to professionalization, since sometimes the prize is not a sum of money but the entrance to a higher category tournament, and it is in them where the most talented players are discovered, that the operators rush to try to incorporate their "teams" and turn them into professional poker players.

However, poker can also be made profitable on an individual level, both by playing systematically in the tournaments that best suit our playing style, schedule and budget, and by covering other sources of indirect income related to poker. We are talking about becoming a regular writer in blogs and websites specialized in the sector, as a freelance writer, or even writing books related to strategy or the mathematical or psychological application to the game. Actually the most successful players are thoroughly documented and train to leave the results as little as possible in the hands of fortune and more in their ability to lead the game on the desired path.

The players who are gaining reputation and followers, have an open and very lucrative front in the video sector through the Internet: whether through YouTube or Twitch, create a video blog in which they show their day to day as a professional player (including their type of food or physical exercise they do to compensate for the time of passivity in front of the computer, their routine in trips to tournaments in person, and so on). Also in this type of videos they show strategy tips, master moves or the most important tournaments are launched in streaming. Before YouTube or Twitch offered these opportunities, there were already television programs on channels specializing in poker, so making a living in the media world is not such a new career path.

On the other hand, you don't have to be the best poker player to work as a dealer, whether in a face-to-face or online casino. Live poker requires croupiers as well, and it's a well-paying job. However, it requires a very strict training and has restrictive rules on how to deal with the players, noting that there is a lot of money at stake. In physical environments, it requires controlling cheating attempts in a very specific way. In online environments, it is true that it is much more difficult to try to cheat both other players and the house. In this sense, the security is extreme through experts in cyber attacks and software developers so safe that even some online banking systems have come to copy them. It is common that online casinos accumulate prizes precisely because of their neatness in preserving their users' personal and financial data. Here is another vein that computer scientists can take advantage of to make a living with a business indirectly related to poker.

Finally, and as important as the figure of the croupier or the cyber security expert, there is the figure of the user service personnel in 24/7 format. In the online casinos where poker is offered, we will always find an agent at our disposal to solve any doubt that may arise related to the operation of the site, the deposit and withdrawal systems or the installation and operation of the software. It is another of the derived jobs that becomes a very good option, especially those that allow to be carried out from the own domicile, since they allow an optimal familiar conciliation.


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