partypokerLIVE to Rearrange Events Due to Coronavirus

partypoker spokesperson Rob Yong published a video on Twitter regarding the company’s response to COVID-19.

By: Jon Pill

With COVID-19 becoming the unavoidable big issue in poker, almost every company running tournaments has been resorting to an either / or stance of “let it ride” or “burn it down”. The WSOP seems to be looking to barrel on ahead this summer, while the WPT has shut down its international events pretty promptly ahead of coronavirus scares.

partypoker appears to be doing something a little closer to the golden mean. They will continue to run many of the events but are proceeding “with caution”.

One of the key points that Yong makes is that partypoker will be allowing players and staff the maximum freedom to chose what is right for them. Anyone who has won their way directly into a live event will be able to transfer that entry to another equivalent event, and even the company staff are being given the option not to travel to work at partypoker events.

Rob Yong is a partypoker partner and the owner of the UK’s top card room, From Dusk Till Dawn, which runs a number of partypoker events. It sounds like local events are still mostly going to be running, while the international events Yong and co are negotiating on a casino by casino basis to see what will be safest.

Some events will be delayed, others cancelled and some, like the Super High Roller Series in Sochi this month will be going ahead regardless. The high buy ins at the Super High Roller event, are likely to make for a small player pool and so limited exposure.

Given the positive responses to this approach, it will be interesting to see how other event runners adjust their approaches.


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