Jiang Xia He Wins partypoker MILLIONS Sochi Event #1 For $378,000

Jiang Xia He has won the first event of the partypoker MILLIONS Sochi for $378,000. The Spanish national defeated a long list of elite players to take victory including Stephen Chidwick, who many rate as the best tournament player around right now.

By: Mark Patrickson


Jiang Xia He had his work cut out for him at the six-handed final table. The likes of Stephen Chidwick and 2018 WSOP Main Event champion John Cynn will always be right there pushing for the win.

Cynn and Cary Katz started as the short stacks but quickly moved into contention early on.

Chidwick thought he was ready to make his charge when he looked down at pocket queens only to find himself in a race against AK. The poker gods offered no help for the Brit who headed to the door in 6th place.

With no less than four final table appearances in high roller events this year already many will have been glad to see the back of him.

Van Blarcum was next to hit trouble, doubling up He who turned on the aggression and then dealt with his rivals in emphatic style.

Within minutes Chan lost out with a broadway straight to He’s rivered boat. Katz was out after another full house beat his pocket jacks.

Continuously jamming pre flop, He flopped a flush with the dominating KTs vs JT sending Van Blarcum to the rail. The very next hand Cynn was out after JT - with Jc - made a royal flush by the river.

A fitting end, and an exciting start to the partypoker MILLIONS that only took 30 minutes to finish after He picked up that early double up.

Final results

1 Xia He Jiang $378,000
2 John Cynn $252,000
3 Aaron Van Blarcum $168,000
4 Cary Katz $105,000
5 Wai Leong Chan $84,000
6 Stephen Chidwick $63,300



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