CoinPoker’s Crypto Series of Poker Returns with Bitcoin Bonus

CoinPokers Crypto Series of Poker is back and there’s some serious cryptocurrency up for grabs in the 16-tournament online festival, with a leaderboard that will see the top 10 sharing in a Bitcoin bonanza.

By: Andrew Burnett

The inaugural CSOP two years ago saw 5000 players competing over 10 events, and the latest version is set to be bigger and even more lucrative.

Running from March 22nd until March 29th with buy-ins ranging from 1,000 up to 20,000 CHP, the 16 tournaments will see 13,000,000 CHP handed out in prizes, along with 0.55 BTC in bounties.

With 1 Bitcoin equalling over $7800 right now, that’s a very decent bonus, and it gets better.

The CSOP will run a leaderboard in which the top 10 will share 1 Bitcoin between them, adding a very serious financial element in the race to the top – the winner taking 25% of the crypto-loot.

We’ll get to the schedule in a moment, but first a quick look at CoinPoker’s unique in-game currency

What is CHP?

CoinPoker introduced their own cryptocurrency, CHP, and known by the poker-dedicated nickname CHiPs – and it can be cashed out back to traditional fiat currencies whenever and wherever you want.

As CoinPoker explained at its launch: "You can buy the CHP cryptocurrency online no matter which geographic region you reside in (perfect for those in hitherto closed markets) and the speed of processing goes from slooooow to instantaneous - bypassing banks, e-wallets and other third-party brokers who create distrust in the poker community and cause payment delays."

With that out of the way, what’s in store for players in the CSOP this month?

CSOP Schedule

You’re looking at NLHE tournaments in the main, with a couple of big PLO events thrown in to keep the 4-card guys and girls happy.

It kicks off on Sunday March 22nd with a 1000CHP buy-in, early morning No Limit opener, with a 500,000 CHP guarantee.

As the Series progresses, the buy-ins edge ever-upwards, with midweek 4000CHP PLO tournaments promising over 1million CHP in guaranteed prizes.

The second weekend’s finale is a trio of big-name, big-game beauties – the NoMercy 0.1 BTC Bounty on Saturday 28th March likely to be as attractive as its namesake, Canadian poker queen Isabelle Mercier.

WSOP Player of the Year Rob Campbell doubles that Bitcoin Bounty the following day with his Rob Campbell 0.2 BTC Bounty – the CSOP Mini-Main Event 17.5k CHP buy-in boasting 2million CHP GTD.

The CSOP closes out with the biggest of them all – CoinPoker’s founder Antanas 'TonyG' Guoga offering up the headline Main Event, otherwise known as the Tony G 0.25 BTC Bounty.

Check out the full CSOP schedule below…

Date / Time GMT+2 Name Gametype Buy-in (CHP) GTD (CHP)
Mar 22 06:00 CSOP #1 NLHE 1,000 500,000
Mar 22 20:00 CSOP #2 (KO) NLHE 1,000 100,000
Mar 23 06:00 CSOP #3 PLO 1,500 300,000
Mar 23 20:00 CSOP #4 NLHE 1,500 300,000
Mar 24 06:00 CSOP #5 NLHE 2,500 500,000
Mar 24 20:00 CSOP #6 NLHE 2,500 400,000
Mar 25 06:00 CSOP #7 (KO) NLHE 3,000 300,000
Mar 25 20:00 CSOP #8 NLHE 3,000 600,000
Mar 26 06:00 CSOP #9 PLO 4,000 900,000
Mar 26 20:00 CSOP #10 (KO) PLO5 4,000 350,000
Mar 27 06:00 CSOP #11 (KO) NLHE 5,000 500,000
Mar 27 20:00 CSOP #12 NLHE 5,000 750,000
Mar 28 06:00 CSOP #13 NLHE 7,500 1,250,000
Mar 28 20:00 CSOP #14 NoMercy 0.1 BTC Bounty NLHE 15,000 1,750,000
Mar 29 06:00 CSOP Mini ME Rob Campbell 0.2 BTC Bounty NLHE 17,500 2,000,000
Mar 29 20:00 CSOP Main Event Tony G 0.25 BTC Bounty NLHE 20,000 2,500,000

CSOP Leaderboard

A series isn’t a series unless it runs a leaderboard race, and CSOP have a Bitcoin bonanza in store for its runners.

As mentioned, the top 10 in the race to the CSOP summit will share in a 1 Bitcoin bonus, and you can see how that breaks down below…

Place Prize money (BTC)
1 0.25
2 0.20
3 0.15
4 0.125
5 0.10
6 0.075
7 0.04
8 0.03
9 0.02
10 0.01

CSOP Satellites

Winning your way into big events is half the fun of poker and all 16 CSOP events will have regular and ‘last-minute’ satellites, offering you the chance to play big for as little as possible.

Event 1 has a special route for those new to CoinPoker, whereby anyone signing up between now and the series starting on March 22nd will get a free entry to the CSOP opener.

Simply register with CoinPoker, make a deposit and the tournament ticket is yours, with the chance to bag a share of the 500,000 CHP guaranteed prizefund.
As an extra bonus, using the referral program will see you pocket 50% of whatever your referral rakes.

So, a tl;dr for those in a hurry:

  • CSOP March 22nd to March 29th
  • 13million CHP GTD
  • Bitcoin bonuses and leaderboard prizes
  • Satellites available
  • Tony G 0.25 BTC Bounty Main Event Sunday March 29th


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