Wai Kin Yong Beats Phil Ivey to Win partypoker Sochi Event #5 - $50,000 Short Deck NL for $800,000

Wai Kin Yong has won the partypoker Sochi event #5 for $800,000. The Malaysian star saw off Phil Ivey to take down his fourth live poker tournament in a star-studded field.

By: Mark Patrickson

So Close

Yong is no stranger to success against the world’s best players. With $10 million in live tournament winnings and three victories in the Triton Super High Roller series he is a force to be reckoned with.

After fellow Malaysian Paul Phua fell short of his third final table, the race was on for victory.

High roller regs Cary Katz and Sam Greenwood were smashing it at the start, fresh off the back of yesterday’s event #4 final table, until Greenwood tried to bully Ivey with his large stack.

Greenwood's KJ was up against Ivey’s surprising AJ which held and gave Ivey the momentum he was looking for.

Seth Davies and Mikhail Rudoy were the first to head to the rail after standard all-in confrontations.

Next up was American Aaron Van Blarcum on his fourth final table in a single week. His pocket tens calling Yong’s jam with QJs couldn’t hold.

Katz was short-stacked and had no option but to try his 98s against Greenwood’s pocket queens with no luck. Now we were down to three.

The next hand was as spectacular as it gets.

Ivey limps pocket aces and Greenwood calls with Kc8c.

The flop comes ace high with a club draw. Ivey bets, Greenwood calls.

The turn is an ace giving Ivey quads and checks through.

On the river the flush completes and Ivey leads out. Greenwood, unsurprisingly, raises only to face a jam from Ivey.

Greenwood calls and gets the bad news. A great hand between two great players.

The heads-up stage was a let down after Ivey called off a shove with pocket aces against JT. Two tens on the flop saw the tournament turn on its head and the event was soon over.

A great victory for Yong.

Final results

1 Wai Kin Yong $800,000
2 Phil Ivey $525,000
3 Sam Greenwood $350,000
4 Cary Katz $250,000
5 Aaron Van Blarcum $200,000
6 Mikhail Rudoy $150,000
7 Seth Davies $125,000
8 Paul Phua $100,000



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