Phil Ivey wins partypoker $50k Short Deck Event for $856,050

Phil Ivey returned to winning ways at the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Super High Roller Series in Sochi, taking down the $50,000 Short Deck title and an $856,050 cash that sneaked him across the $30million lifetime tournament winnings milestone.

By: Andrew Burnett

Ivey hasn’t had the best of times in recent years, his infamous edge-sorting court cases having several knock-on effects, but when it comes to Short Deck he seems to be in his element.

Earlier in the week he took 2nd spot in the first of the $50k Short Deck events behind Wai Kin Yong, a $525k payday on top of the modest $72,500 he won for cashing 7th in the standard NLHE $25k, won by Sam Trickett.

Yesterday he was one of five players returning to share out the heavier part of the $2,750,000 prizepool, some 55 entries whittled down on day one of the rapid-action 36-card variant.

Sam Greenwood, who was Ivey’s victim in a huge cooler in the earlier SD tournament, had already departed in 6th spot for $160,510 the previous evening, and he was joined by Spain’s Sergei Reixach early on day two.

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

Reixach: A♦ Q♥
Ivey: A♥ 10♥
Board: 7♥ 10♦ 9♣ 9♥ 10♠

Seth Davies fell next at the hands of Michael Soyza, the bubble boy in the previous $50k Short Deck, and that left the Malaysian with a countryman in Wai Kiat Lee, along with Ivey, three-handed.

Lee survived thanks to a rivered ace to chop a big hand with Ivey, but his luck ran out when he ran into Soyza’s pocket queens, the youngster taking home $374,52, some 5x his previous biggest tournament cash.

One huge hand put Ivey in a commanding lead, from which Soyza wouldn’t recover…

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

Soyza: 9♣ 8♦
Ivey: K♥ Q♥

The flop seeing Soyza shove all-in

Flop: J♥ 9♥ 7♦

…and leaving Ivey little to think about for the call with his flush and gutshots, getting there on the river…

Turn: J♦
River: A♥

Ivey rivered the flush again to take what was left of Soyza’s stack and record his first tournament victory since 2018 and the Short Deck ante-only event in Triton Poker’s Montenegro stop.

Final results

1 Phil Ivey $856,050
2 Michael Soyza $561,780
3 Wai Kiat Lee $374,520
4 Seth Davies $267,520
5 Sergi Reixach $214,010
6 Sam Greenwood $160,510
7 Dmitriy Kuzmin $133,760
8 Thai Ha $107,000



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