The Poker Pros Who Have Self Isolated Due to Covid-19

Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere for four months, you will have seen the coronavirus pandemic decimating the live poker scene.

By: Mark Patrickson

One tournament series after another has been shelved including the prestigious Triton Super High Roller Jeju.

It makes sense, unfortunately, that many countries are starting to enforce a strict lockdown with unnecessary gatherings  being banned. It might be the only way to stem the incredible infection rate.

No Risks

One man who isn’t taking any chances is poker legend Doyle Brunson. The 86-year-old veteran of the felt is making the sacrifice to self-isolate in fear of passing on the coronavirus to his frail wife.

The mortality rate for pensioners is high and he just couldn’t face the risk of being responsible if the worst happened.

If history is anything to go by, it will take more than a virus to finish off “Texas Dolly”. Robbed at gunpoint five times, cancer three times, and massive car crashes three times. This guy is made of tough stuff!

Another high-profile player who is taking the situation seriously is Shaun Deeb.

“Just made decision to pull our kids out of kindergarten and day care for forseable future abs restrict our public outings significantly.”

Deeb took the step a week ago and even suggested that players begin to remove their money from casinos and card rooms if they might need access to it for general life reasons.

“Friendly reminder if you have a significant part of your net worth in a safety deposit box at a casino or bank logic would advise removing it if you want access to it within the next month or two.”

Deeb is a rare case in the poker world that really does seem to be expecting the worst. This crisis is only just getting going with ever increasing restrictions becoming the norm across the entire world.

Daniel Negreanu is another who looks to be in disbelief at how lassez-faire the population is behaving.


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