Patrik Antonius’s Top Tips for Coronavirus Self Isolation

Patrik Antonius isn’t panicking about COVID-19. Mind you, self isolation is probably pretty splendid when you live in a rooftop apartment in Monaco like he does.

By: Jon Pill

He took to Instagram to give his fans an update, and a little advice.

He’s doing his “lockdown thing” with workouts, yoga, cold showers and meditation. The last two of which he suggests we all start doing.

For Antonius, socially isolating oneself can be an opportunity. We’ve all been given the gift of time assuming you’re not a freelance writer, or spending the time working out what household items can be converted into jury-rigged toilet paper when the loo roll runs out.

In his video, Antonius suggest checking out the Wim Hof method. Wim Hof being the kook who believes that ice baths will instantly boost your immune system, and whose snake oil explains why Patrik Antonius is suggesting people take cold showers in the middle of a pandemic.

It is worth noting that in the short term cold temperatures redirect resources away from the immune system towards warming up your body.

With meditation, on the other hand, Antonius is on a good footing. He notes that one’s mind can be “a very fucked up thing”. No argument here.

Antonius advocates getting control of the mind with meditation, in particular, breathing exercises. Given that its free, requires no equipment, and can be done by yourself, what have you got to lose?


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