Online Poker Traffic At A Five Year High

The world may be ending, but things might be looking up for online poker. At least that is what poker journalist Nick Jones seemed to suggest when he recently tweeted a graph from behind Poker Industry PRO paywall.

By: Jon Pill

According to Jones’ caption, the graph shows a running 7-day average of the number of average concurrent players online. The data runs from early 2015 to now and shows an annual cycle of upticks in players during the northern hemisphere’s winter months and a dip during their summer.

It also shows a five year high for the industry in the last few weeks.

After a slow tailing off year by year the numbers jump from around 32k players at the turn of 2020 to over 40k in the last few days.

Turns out locking Europe down had mores upsides than just slowing the spread of COVID-19.

This follows PokerStars’ showing at its 14th anniversary Sunday Millions last weekend in which over 93k players competed to walk away with the six or seven figure prize which was on the table for every one of the final eight.

With big online series like SCOOP and the first ever WPT online coming up in the next few months it will be interesting to see if this is a short blip while we all get used to quarantine measures, if this will be a new norm for online poker, or if this is disguising a long term drop off in play as people lose jobs and the economy tanks.


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