Tom Dwan Gets Slow Rolled in £654,000 Pot

Tom durrrr Dwan has been back in action at the exclusive Les Ambassadeurs Private Game in London where NL cash is the order of the day.

By: Mark Patrickson

The 33-year-old American star found himself surrounded by Chinese talent and looked to be having a tough time of it right from the start.

One particular hand stands out where Dwan found himself the target of a little fun poking from his friends. It should be noted that these guys are all ambassadors for the Triton Super High Roller Series and play with each other day in day out in the crazy high stakes games in Macau.

Slow Rolled

The hand starts with Dwan paying the UTG straddle for £8,000 in a £2,000/£4,000 game, holding KcQs.

Yes, we’re talking stacks of around half a million pounds at the start.

Qiang Wang raises to £28,000 with 5d4c from the small blind, and only Dwan calls.

The pot is now £60,000 and the flop comes 8d 6d 7h giving Wang a straight.

Wang checks what should almost always be the best hand and surprisingly Dwan doesn’t take the aggressive line and he checks behind.

The turn is the Kh and Wang leads out for £58,000. Almost the full pot. Dwan is obviously in a spot of bother now in a bloated pot holding top pair.

Can he get away from his hand against further action?

The point is moot as Dwan decides against facing up to a possible awkward river decision and he jams his remaining £268,000 into the middle.

He also then retreats into his familiar stare while Wang decides on his decision. Amazingly, Wang asks for a count of Dwan’s shove, and only once getting confirmation announces his call.

Dwan is obviously amazed by this delay and after some banter he says something in Chinese to Wang who bursts into laughter.

This isn’t the worst slow roll in history but Dwan’s reaction made it something to remember. We get the impression that these guys at the table are going to give us plenty of classic moments when the poker world finally awakes from its slumber during lockdown.


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