Phil Galfond Books $90k Win in PLO Challenge Day 2 Against Bill Perkins

Phil Galfond opened up a big early lead in his PLO Challenge match against Bill Perkins and the Thirst Lounge, booking a $90k+ win on day 2…

By: Andrew Burnett

With both player’s schedules a bit tight, the $100/$200 stakes heads-up battle will be played as and when, with Galfond also due to start his challenge against online beast Action Freak later this week.

Playing on partypoker, Perkins took the first session last week for a small win, having been up over $50k at one point, but yesterday he was on the receiving end of a much bigger swing.

Not that the Thirst Lounge boss was outclassed – the to-and-fro seeing Perkins take a share of the big pots early on – but the cards certainly favoured Galfond, a flush runout netting him a huge pot when both players held aces, for example.

That opened up a $140k lead for the RIO boss, but Perkins fought back, reducing the day’s losses by the end of play to $91,705k, a total of 1013 hands played so far.

It’s early days, the pair planning on a 50k hands match, though there is a $400k stop-loss in the rules that may well come into play before then.

There is a $1million to $250k side-bet on the line – Galfond in for the bigger amount – and should Perkins feel the need, he is allowed to bring in a substitute from his team of Thirst Lounge streamers.

Galfond is naturally still on a high after winning his opening match against VeniVidi1993, recovering from a €900k hole to win in dramatic fashion.

Here are the day-by-day breakdowns of the Galfond - Perkins match:

Day Hands Session winner Amount €
1 388    BP   1561
2 625    PG   91,705



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