PokerStars Continue to Face Technical Difficulties with Further Server Crashes

PokerStars have been much in the news recently about their horrendous customer care, but this week it was an unusual problem hitting the worlds leading pokerroom – a series of server crashes.

By: Andrew Burnett

With reliability arguably the red spade site’s biggest selling point compared to its rivals, the recent server crashes saw players take to Twitter to vent their frustration…

According to, the site was hit twice with crashes throughout the night

Dutch highstakes MTT coach and player Jans Arends was another who was distinctly unhappy with what was going on, raising some very valid points in his tweet…

Canadian star Sam Greenwood was also affected, and raised the issue of ‘communication’, PokerStars’ sticking point for several years now.

The reply that a “technical error” and players being “sent the wrong email” didn’t cut much ice with Greenwood.

Although he ‘appreciated’ the reply, Greenwood added, "technical reasons" is not a sufficient response for cancelling a highstakes two day tourney for no reason. PokerStars communication with players has been terrible past couple years.

He went on to say: “I've had issues with other live and online operators recently, but having access to communicate with their employees has not been one of them.”

Recently a number of high-profile poker players, as well the likes of former heavyweight boxing champ Riddick Bowe, have publicly appealed on Twitter for Stars to respond to their enquiries.

Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell have both struggled to get answers to their questions, accounts being locked and funds unavailable.

That theme continued yesterday with an appeal from a player who claimed to have ‘played and paid more than $500,000 on the site…

Back at the recent server crashes, not everyone was disappointed of course – some players looking at a bigger payout than they might otherwise have had…

With most of the poker world playing online due to the coronavirus restrictions on live play, we’ll keep you updated with all the latest news from the virtual felt as and when it happens.


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