How Jungleman’s Deal with 'Friends' Nearly Bankrupted Him

Dan Jungleman Cates is one of the most recognisable characters in the poker community. From teenage sensation to one of the most highly rated heads-up cash players on the planet he has given poker fans an incredible treat over the years.

By: Mark Patrickson

The “durrrr Challenge” is still talked about today as Cates famously took Tom “durrrr” Dwan to school with the latter disappearing and not completing the required number of hands.

Amazingly, we found out today that all of this almost didn’t happen.

Close Shave

Cates was famously a big loser when he first took up the game. Even working at McDonalds to keep topping up his bankroll while he was still learning the ropes.

While he was at college Cates says he was a bit of a loner doing little else but grinding sit & go’s in his room. He clearly remembers finally growing his bankroll to $400 on the now defunct Full Tilt Poker and how good that made him feel.

That feeling didn’t last for long though. As Cates started to fly up the stakes earning some serious money he wasn’t prepared for people looking to take advantage.

Bad Deal

With cash to burn and still a young man unaware how devious people can be, Cates was talked into a business deal where he backed supposed friends to execute their strategy as discussed.

This isn’t what happened and all of a sudden Cates was faced with the harsh reality that most of his net worth was about to disappear.

Luckily, he was able to negotiate his way out of the deal, but unfortunately he gives no explicit details on who or what the deal was about. Fortunately for us, the famous Jungleman didn’t have his career derailed at the first hurdle and we can share in his exploits still today.

Biggest Pot

The biggest pot that Cates ever won was a PLO hand against Patrik Antonius back in 2010, almost a year before Black Friday.

Cates holds 2h Qs Ad 3s and the stakes are $300/$600 - an incredible three times what they were playing in the Galfond Challenge - and they are also more than 300 big blinds deep.

Cates raises to $1,800 and Antonious three bets his 4c 5s 7c As to $5,400. Cates calls.

The flop is 4d 5d Ac giving Cates the nut straight and Antonius top two pair.

Antonius bets $10,800 and Cates calls.

The turn is the Tc and Antonius bet $32,400. Cates reraises to $129,600 and Antonius shoves with his flush redraw and full house outs.

They run it twice but the 3d and Js don’t bring any help for the Finn and Cates scoops a $376,844.50 pot.

True redemption considering that Cates might have never made it into these games at all.


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