ActionFreaks Profit and Loss Graphs for Online Poker History

Bursting onto the highstakes online cash game scene and posting close to $1million in profit in just 18 months is a dream for many poker players – but for ActionFreak it’s a reality and one of the steepest climbs the game has seen…

By: Andrew Burnett

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because our anonymous crusher is currently in action against Phil Galfond, a €150/€300 stakes PLO Challenge match that saw Galfond book a massive €300,000 session win this week.

It still remains to be seen if ActionFreak can pull that back over the remaining 13,000 hands, or whether Galfond will take down another dangerous opponent – with a substantial €150k sidebet on the line as well.

Back to ActionFreak’s incredible graph, and Galfond jokingly made light of it on the day their challenge match began…

…Galfond having a couple of amazing winning graphs of his own to show off with if need be, under his OMGClayAiken and MrSweets28 online nicknames…

Most of that was compiled in the ‘old days’ of online poker – boom years that saw $million pots appear as regularly as the moon in the night sky. That, of course, takes nothing away from Galfond’s achievements – a true beast of the game.

For ActionFreak, however, the incredible winrate came during some of the toughest games and times online for highstakes players. His single biggest winning pot in that rise to fame was a ‘mere’ $64,246, against another crusher, Laszlo Omaha4rollz Bujtas.

Other opponents would include the legendary Timofey Trueteller Kuznetsov, Ben Ben86 Tollerene and another mystery pro, JayPP-AA.

All said and done, in his recorded highstakes online PLO cash games that amounted to a profit of $968,653 for ActionFreak, over 107,867 hands and working out at $8.98 per hand.

A year and a half of action was enough to land him a spot in the top 100 winners of all time up until late 2018, but the big question now is how much will the Galfond match cost him? Or will it be Phil footing the bill?


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