partypoker Hand Out Lifetime Bans for $1million Leaderboard Cheaters

partypoker have sent out a loud and clear message to would-be leaderboard cheats by serving up several lifetime bans, mainly for multi-accounting according to big boss Rob Yong this week …

By: Andrew Burnett

While announcing the monthly $1million leaderboard races would be extended to May, Yong explained: “I can also confirm that we have banned for life a number of players, who have been effectively trying to cheat the leaderboards"Several methods have been used by the cheaters according to Yong, including: By multi-accounting, putting friends in to play more hours, etc.”

With 16 leaderboards split evenly across NLHE and PLO at various stakes, partypoker bumped up the prizemoney to $1million for April, with $250,000 weekly leaderboard races, but their game integrity team soon realised that not everyone was playing by the rules.

Investigations revealed that several had been multi-accounting at a “combination of NLH PLO & stakes,” according to Yong.

It transpires that partypoker can’t actually name and shame the culprits, Yong stating: “I wish we could publish the names of these cheats, but unfortunately – taking legal advice – we are not allowed to.”

The money has since been redistributed across the affected leaderboards, with Yong explaining: “…we want to reward players for supporting the site, but the strong message is, unequivocally, if you step out of line, try to cheat, we’re on to you."

Naming his ‘Head of Risk’, Juha, as the man behind the Fair Play and integrity of the site, Yong revealed that, Every winners’ play, on every leaderboard, is interrogated by his team. You will get caught if you’re up to no good and you’ll be banned for life."

Though adding that those who were found to be cheating admitted their guilt when confronted, Yong emphasised that “rewards are not to be stolen from other players.”

In March, a large poll of partypoker’s Twitter followers showed that a huge majority would report illegal or dubious behaviour from fellow players


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