How Jungleman Dan Cates and Phil Galfond Match Up as Historic Battle Kicks Off

With Daniel Cates and Phil Galfond almost ready for the prologue to the biggest heads-up match since the Durrrr Challenge, we thought it might be worth taking a closer look at the highstakes cash game histories of the two combatants – and it is hugely impressive stuff!

By: Andrew Burnett

Both men have crushed the game for years, but a closer look at the numbers shows just how much they took from their peers in the highstakes game – close to $20million profit combined across almost 2million hands of $25/$50 and way above, the majority of that coming in PLO.

Nickname Site Profit $ Hands Av. Per Hand $
Jungleman12 Full Tilt 10,270,847 394738 26.01
w00ki3z PokerStars 895,834 471444 1.90
Totals   11,166,681 866,182 12.89
OMGClayAiken Full Tilt 6,599,839 645553 10.22
Mr Sweets28 PokerSars 1,450,287 446996 3.24
Totals   8,050,126 1,092,549 7.36

Starting with Galfond – it is his PLO Challenge series after all – the RunItOnce boss holds 6th and 49th spots on the all-time winners list for highstakes online cash game play.

His Full Tilt persona, OMGClayAiken, was one of the most feared names during the noughties, posting more than $6.5million in profit against the best in the world.

Although a huge chunk of his winnings came from PLO and 8-game success, his biggest winnings pots were all NLHE, including the biggest of all - $541,523 - coming in a full-ring game back in 2009, Phil Ivey, Ilari Ziigmund Sahamies and Gus Hansen all at the table.

However, it was Sami LarsLuzak Kelopuro who paid Galfond off on his flopped boat…

On PokerStars, Galfond guided his MrSweets28 moniker to almost $1.5million in the black - not quite as impressive as his Full Tilt glory days, but a pretty convincing continuation of his crushing ways…

This time Norway’s Andreas skjervoy Torbergsen was the man who handed Galfond his biggest pot, a flopped set in PLO enough to pocket close to $300k

Overall, as we can see from the table above, Galfond’s online cash games brought him just over $8,050,126 and a deserved place in the legendary crushers’ category.

Daniel 'Jungleman Dan' Cates needs little introduction, the Maryland-born pro another of poker’s all-time greats, and a fan favourite.

On Full Tilt, Cates’ Jungleman12 account posted the 3rd biggest profit of any player ever in the highstakes online world, only Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius above him.

The Finnish beast did however come off 2nd-best in Jungleman12’s biggest-ever single pot, the run-it-twice river not saving Antonius in a $375,944 pot in which Cates flopped a wheel…

As with Galfond, by the time the big games had moved on to PokerStars, the stakes weren’t quite as huge and the profits reflected that.

All the same, Cates’ w00ki3z account took almost $900,000 against all-comers, a $210k PLO pot against Timofey Trueteller Kuznetsov topping the bill…

Overall that meant that Jungleman Dan had taken more than $11million from his highstakes rivals, giving him a clear edge in the head-to-head match-up with Galfond.

However, the precursor to their bigger PLO Challenge battle will witness only 750 hands (the match itself likely to be over 7500 hands) so there’s no real telling who will emerge victorious.

My own money is on Jungleman to take a narrow victory, and we’ll be revealing Cates’ secret weapon in the battle shortly.


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