Sam Greenwood wins WPT Online High Roller for $257,250

Sam Greenwood added yet another title to his impressive poker CV this week, taking down the WPT Online High Roller for a $257,250 score at a stacked final table.

By: Andrew Burnett

The Canadian highstakes specialist was one of nine players to return for the final day’s play on partypoker, Russia’s Artur Martirosyan falling quickly in 9th for $26,250 and leaving the official final table.

The Finnish trio of Pauli Äyräs, Joni Jouhkimainen and Jorma Nuutinen were all trying to replicate the success of last month’s Poker Masters Online, a series that featured 6 Finns among the 30 title winners – Äyräs and Jouhkimainen among them.

It wasn’t to be yesterday, though, as the duo fell in 8th and 7th, with Nuutinen bagging a very respectable 4th place worth $91,875.

Greenwood was dispatching his highstakes colleagues with alarming alacrity, Rui Ferreira following Nuutinen to the cage – the Portuguese pro pocketing $131,250 in 3rd place.

That left Austria’s Mathias Eibinger to try to stop Greenwood’s run, but he couldn’t do much to halt the Canadian express train – already 5-1 down in chips when he ran into the brick wall of a full house…


Final results

1 Sam Greenwood $257,250
2 Matthias Eibinger $183,750
3 Rui Ferreira $131,250
4 Jorma Nuutinen $91,875
5 Alexandru Papazian $68,250
6 Tim Adams $525,500
7 Joni Jouhkimainen $42,000
8 Pauli Äyräs $34,125

Both Greenwood and Eibinger would cash again yesterday, in the $25k Super High Roller, the Austrian falling in 13th place for $49k while Greenwood bubbled the official final table in 9th to add another $61,250 to a very profitable day’s work.


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