Jungleman Releases His New Blog Project

Dan Jungleman Cates has started a new blog giving us an insight into the mind of one of the greatest poker players of modern times.

By: Mark Patrickson

The 30-year-old American star is one of the most popular players on the circuit and is somebody we all like to hear the thoughts of.


The first article talks about changing perspectives to find a better way to overcome a problem. This might seem a bit way out there but Cates goes deeper into why this might be something all poker players should look at.

Why he should want to get his rivals thinking is something we’ll never understand but he claims it’s because he wants more of a challenge!

His first example related to poker is about how the perception the best players played was close to perfect back in the day. Now, in the age of GTO solvers we know that is far from the truth.

The poker world got a big shake up. In fact, to the level where the gamer at the top level has been transformed beyond recognition.

Interestingly, he gets straight to the root of the problem that most poker players have when it comes to improving - being fixated on a single point of view.

This is a great point. Often getting somebody to look at poker differently can be akin to asking them to change their religion. Almost impossible. The thing with poker is that it’s incredibly tough to prove that you are right in any given situation.

The responses on Cates’ Twitter thread were overwhelmingly positive, giving us some hope that he will continue writing for us.


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