Asian App Poker Grind House Footage Leaked on Twitter

A video has surfaced showing a grind house in Asia with players on numerous computers all multitabling on the same Asian poker app.

By: Mark Patrickson

Asian poker apps picked up a bad reputation over the years for lax security and collusion between players. Could this grind house  possibly show a team working together to rinse unsuspecting players?

Maybe Out of Date

There is no doubt that today’s players are more tech savvy than what we were even five years ago. The online poker rooms have also raised their game, even if there are still a few outliers.

We should also state clearly that this article is not an accusation, but rather just a look into what we all know goes on to some extent.

Collusion is the bane of all poker players. When opponents soft play each other or gang up together it ruins the game and is completely unfair.

Online poker legend Eric Sheets Haber recalled a story from the early days when Russian cafes would sell time on a computer to play tournaments on PokerStars and nobody cared.

He would be facing multiple players with almost identical screen names and yet the playing style would be different every time he encountered that account.

One reply in the thread suggested that they had seen this video long before and that because of the negative publicity security on many apps was beefed up.

Another responder recognised the software as PPPoker where you needed an introduction to be allowed to play.

But what about the tweet below?

How can these players not be connected in some way. Even if they are not in the same location the very fact that they appear to be in a team and not hiding the fact is very worrying.


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