HighStakesChallenge Launches Offering Players €1000 Bankrolls

If you ever wanted to launch your poker career but were stuck for a bankroll, HighStakes incredible new offer of a €1,000 starting roll will be right up your street – with 60 days to run it up to €10k and keep the lot.

By: Andrew Burnett

The unique #HighStakesChallenge is being offered across almost all cash games, tournaments and SNGs and the site is keen to point out that it’s not a race – HighStakes have unlimited Challenge bankrolls on offer.

The ‘run it up’ approach to poker has seen several challenges through the years, a popular way for players to motivate themselves and friends to put in the hours

The #HighStakesChallenge differs in one very important respect - you don’t have to pony up the money yourself in the first place.

If you hit your €10,000 within the two months, you get to keep all your profits including promo earnings, but if you miss the magic mark…well, the site keeps whatever you’ve won, promo money too.

When the initial bankroll is gone, you’re out of the challenge, but if day 60 comes and goes and you still have your starting roll of €1k, then HighStakes will stick €500 cash into your poker wallet as a consolation prize.

There are a few very important rules for the #HighStakesChallenge, so take note!

  • You must follow bankroll limits. No taking the €1k roll and spewing it on a single tournament or one cash game buy-in at stakes above your paygrade!

Check out the tables below for how the bankroll limits work

Cash Games Bankroll
Up to €1 bb 1000
Up to €2 bb 2000
Up to €5 bb 3500
Up to €10bb 5000
Up to €25 bb 8000


Tournaments/SnG Bankroll
Up to €50 buy in 1000
Up to €110 buy in 2000
Up to €215 buy in 3000
Up to €500 buy in 5000
  • You must have an active Twitch channel and stream all of your challenges on it, saving the videos as you go. Likewise, tagging @HighStakes on Twitter before every session is a must.
  • You can play any combination of cash, tournaments or SNG within your bankroll limits, but SPINS and heads-up play are not included.
  • You can play other sites and games during the challenge and streams, using a separate bankroll of your own – but, you won’t be able to transfer funds in or out of HighStakes while your challenge is ongoing.
  • Naturally (but it has to be said anyway!) if any dumping/foul play is found you will be banned and all funds will be forfeited.

There is also an ‘agent account’ incentive that not only brings in some extra cash for all involved, but offers up €100 of freeroll tournaments per week for players.

So, if you think you’re up to the challenge of taking €1000 of someone else’s money and turning it into €10,000 of your own check out this link for how to get your #HighStakesChallenge started.


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