PokerStars Customer Service at an All-time Low

PokerStars support is taking more flak on social media about their lax attitude towards dealing with their customers. The company holds around 70% of the online market share and has gone from answering any inquiries in minutes to blatantly ignoring them completely.

By: Mark Patrickson

No Way to Behave

PokerStars has decayed from one of the best places to play online poker to a firm that nobody respects. One by one all of their superstar ambassadors have left their roles and started looking for better options like CSGO jackpot; with many heading over to partypoker.

Top Twitch streamer Jaime Staples was another who recently left to head over to partypoker, moving away from the poker room that gave him his big break.

The latest complaint that caught a lot of interest is no doubt identical to many others, simply being ignored for weeks with no response to an email.

The complainant told his followers on Twitter how after more than 20 emails sent over a 4 week period he has yet to receive an answer. A disgusting way to treat a paying customer.

He followed up by saying that he also emailed partypoker on another matter and received a reply in exactly 43 minutes. This is exactly what used to happen at PokerStars. They are now obviously taking full advantage of being the biggest site and not caring how they treat their customers.


After the thread picked up some steam, partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard was happy to stick the knife into PokerStars support by declaring partypoker is now number one in that department.

The PokerStars support Twitter account saw this and soon got involved replying that the email had now been answered with an apology.

It then comes out that many other people are being ignored with some having their accounts locked for unknown reasons with no opportunity to clarify the situation.

“PokerStars support team is so weak now, I had the same problems with them. In Fact I am still waiting for a reply and it's been since January I just left the site all together, they need to treat their players a lot better but they won't.”

Others have been requesting their hands to be sent, as is promised by the company, but again no reply.

One can only hope that this situation becomes widely known amongst recreational players and PokerStars get what they deserve.


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