Patrick Leonard Predicts Disaster Coming For Online Poker

Patrick Leonard has predicted that a financial disaster is coming for online poker. The partypoker brand ambassador thinks that online poker could have enjoyed a mini-boom but instead is heading for some big problems.

By: Mark Patrickson

Should’ve Done Better

Leonard points out that previously popular online tournaments such as the PokerStars $530 Stars Marathon were easily meeting big guarantees with more than 200 players, but last week they came up short by 40 players missing the $100k guarantee.

The danger with where the online tournament scene is heading is that these things have momentum. If a major site implements a change that could have negative consequences down the line other platforms are forced into copying.

An example, which is one of Leonard’s main points, is the GGPoker driven late entry for only around 10 big blinds. This has drawn criticism lately because of how those with big bankrolls can afford to play casino poker in the hope of building a huge stack before late registration ends.

The two options Leonard suggests are:

1) cut back and focus on quality, 2) follow the new gg system and have unlimited re-entries to 10bbs. Imo they will go for #2 which will kill us.”

The issue now is that shareholders will take too much of a short term view and take the more profitable approach of following GGPoker’s lead. Too many tournaments, all with unlimited re-entries, risks destroying the tournament scene as we know it.

A Union

Leonard suggests that a union is formed to bring together the major sites and their ambassadors to do what is right for the future of online poker.

It’s great to see a poker ambassador who is doing all he can for the best of the game.

It should be pointed out that Patrick Leonard is a founder of one of the most high-profile staking stables operating today. With the way everything is going the situation is as profitable as it could be for his horses, but as pointed out he does not want to see the golden goose getting killed.

Even so, 2017 WSOP Main Event winner Scott Blumenstein was quick to throw undeserved criticism at Leonard.

“Let me get this straight... there is a zero sum game that has turned into a reentry driven money grab that you built a network of people to purposely try and obliterate and now you’re upset cuz there’s no more money for you to take because we’re in a global financial crisis?”

Rob Yong, partypoker decision maker, has jumped straight onto this issue and said that the site will agree to three key changes as long as all the other major sites agree to do the same.

Could it happen? If the key people are prepared to listen and genuinely understand where the online MTT scene is going it really could.

With a high-profile name such as Patrick Leonard getting on this and a 2+2 thread picking up steam with the regs change could really be coming.


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