Daniel Cates Accused of Being Pro Who Cheated Bill Perkins After Dan Bilzerian Outs the Jungleman

Daniel Cates was accused by Dan Bilzerian last night of being the main pro involved in the Bill Perkins ghosting scandal  -  Jungleman in turn claiming that Dan Bilzerians assertion is misleading but stating he is unable to discuss the matter for legal reasons...

By: Andrew Burnett

In a now-deleted tweet, screenshotted below, Bilzerian claimed that Jungleman had played on the account of ‘Sina Taleb’ in a highstakes private game on the Fun Ocean poker app.

The revelation followed Bill Perkins’ weekend of tweets outlining the case that he had been cheated in the game.

The Thirst Lounge boss and multi-millionaire poker aficionado claimed: “Imagine you and your friends play on an app invite only, no pros and one of your friends deceives you and a super pro of pros plays instead (pro should know better).”

The identity of that super-pro had been hinted at several times, described by Perkins as a “top 7 pro” and leading to all sorts of rumours and accusations.

Several big names came forward to express their innocence, David Peters and Fedor Holz among them, with Jason Koon already named by Perkins as the pro who had the integrity to turn down an offer to ghost an amateur account in the game.

Although Perkins had hinted at outing the pro, even running a now-deleted poll to gauge poker Twitter’s ‘approval’ for doing so, he had apparently decided not to name the pro.

In stepped Bilzerian, however, to name Jungleman as the ‘super pro of pros’ the poker public were desperate to identify – and the wealthy amateur as ‘Sina Taleb’, a mysterious ‘energy businessman’ about whom almost nothing is publicly known.

Jungleman’s reply “I haven’t played a hand of poker with @DanBilzerian in years" was soon coupled with a correction, saying he hadn’t played with Bilzerian ‘ever’.

Although Jungleman is one of the most popular and successful players in the world, he has some serious previous for dubious behaviour in the distant past – brought up by Vanessa Selbst who has recently re-entered the poker world.

That murky case saw Cates embroiled in a multi-accounting scandal involving Jose Girah Macedo and Haseeb Qureshi, that also saw Macedo partake in an incredible cheating scam.

Back to the here and now, it is rumoured that other pros may soon be outed for agreeing to ghost wealthy amateurs in the highstakes games.

Although ghosting isn’t considered the crime of the century by a lot of poker players, the reputational hit for a top pro can still be quite severe.


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