Phil Galfond Takes Down ActionFreak in PLO Challenge Match Victory

Phil Galfond has won his second PLO Challenge match, securing victory over Greek pro Ioannis ActionFreak Kontonatsios by €114,803 and bagging a €150k sidebet to go with it.

By: Andrew Burnett

The 15,000-hand PLO match at stakes of €150/300 had seen Galfond pull out to leads of over €400,000 several times, and each time ActionFreak dug in and pulled it back to where he might still have a chance of winning in the notoriously swingy 4-card game.

That was the case again this past week, the pair trading 6-figure winning sessions several times as Galfond sought to close out the match early.

By the start of the final session, he held a €237k lead, seemingly enough to bring home the win, but ActionFreak launched into the day’s play with gusto, even though he took the first big hit – the river costing him a stack.

By the time they were down to the last couple of hundred hands there was still a chance that Kontonatsios could somehow recover, but having to chase the play so hard he almost inevitably ran into some trouble along the way, and Galfond mopped up a couple of huge pots to seal the match – his mindcoach Elliot Roe praising both players for a great match.

Session results

Day 1 145 AF €11,162.32
Day 2 1,017 PG €3,632.83
Day 3 844 PG €310,594.59
Day 4 665 PG €113,377.48
Day 5 680 AF €95,304.17
Day 6 727 AF €74,625.85
Day 7 746 PG €26,980.36
Day 8 944 PG €165,093.85
Day 9 721 AF €256,044
Day 10 776 PG €19,003
Day 11 784 AF €23,363
Day 12 710 AF €57,580
Day 13 716 PG €48,169
Day 14 740 AF €61,136
Day 15 832 PG €165,417
Day 16 674 PG €179,546
Day 17 725 AF €180,074
Day 18 840 PG €135,240
Day 19 820 AF €168,060
Day 20 881 AF €123,000
Total 15,000 PG €114,804

Galfond has now defeated two of the online crushers in his 7-match Challenge, defeating VeniVidi1993 in the opening bout, as well as taken a big lead against Bill Perkins, and also disposed of Jungleman Dan Cates in a mini-version.


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