$350,000 Bad Beat Jackpot Paid Out After BetOnline Glitches During Key Hand

All poker players have moaned about their bad luck at one time or another, but this story is as good as it gets.

Devowned, a player on the BetOnline platform, tweeted his anguish following a software glitch during an incredible hand. He would have been a part of a three-way all-in that saw the most horrific bad beat followed by all three players winning a life changing sum of cash.

At the time he must have been infuriated because the software appeared to still be live but he couldn’t take any action and was auto folded.

Sick Beat

The game in question was a $0.50/$1 6-max cash game on BetOnline. Three-way on the flop Devowned picks up an inside straight flush draw on a paired board.

He calls a bet and then the turn completes the king high straight flush. An opponent leads into him and now it’s go time, and to see if he can get paid. At this point the software looks like it’s functioning, the clock is still timing down, only Devowned cannot click any buttons.

After a brief panic the clock times out and the winning hand is auto-folded.

Now, at this point any anger is understandable but it’s only a potential $200 loss, not anything life changing. But when the software leaps back into action Devowned finds himself witnessing an all-in confrontation with quads against a full house!

Not only would he have collected two buy-ins but the $350,000 bad beat jackpot would have been triggered.

People Power

What else to do when such a tragedy takes place but go and vent on social media. Devowned posted a video replay of the hand and immediately set off the conspiracy theories.

A TwoPlusTwo thread had every kind of theory that sites can do this kind of thing at will if they are not licensed to operate.

Devowned contacted BetOnline about the ridiculous situation and was informed: “I spoke to my boss today and this is what he found out so far, upon an initial review from software developers there was no connection issue that affected customers whilst you experienced your disconnection.”

Now, the theories were really flying about, but it didn’t take long for further investigation to leave the BetOnline bosses feeling that they should do what is right.

Many poker platforms are seen as faceless entities that don’t care but in this case we saw a representative take control of the situation and make sure the jackpot was paid out.

In the case of Devowned his share was a tidy $53,532 - 25%. Well worth making some noise over.

The representative posted on Twitter saying: "Just to be clear, we couldnt transfer the money over from that jackpot to these guys manually. That added a layer of difficulty to the situation. We cant touch a jackpot not triggered automatically. We ended up paying this jackpot out of pocket and the current jackpot not touched”

So, after all this madness BetOnline still has a $350,000 bad beat jackpot waiting to be won.

One poster said that it was possible that one of the other two players might not have even logged into their account to discover the large deposit waiting for them. One of them collecting more than $100k.

Who says gambling websites are not capable of doing the right thing sometimes.


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