The Mystery of the $1,000,000 Man

There is nothing unusual about anonymous players in online poker. What is notable, however, is when one of them crushes the highstakes game for almost $1million over three years and then disappears – and todays subject, FollowTheHawk, did just that between 2012 and 2015.

By: Andrew Burnett

That sweet graph above is actually quite a standard one for the best of the PLO players at the highest stakes – and we’ll break it down a bit to show you why.

Whether FollowTheHawk was already a proven winner at a high level, or perhaps had broken through from the lower stakes and was now ready for the biggest challenges, the start will always be a bit rocky.

A few thousands hands at $100/$200 and higher at the end of 2012 produced a small profit, but then we get into 2013 and FTH finds his feet.

Something to note is how relatively few hands FTH played compared to some of his rivals – which by this time included Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom, Timofey 'Trueteller' Kuznetsov, Chun Lei 'samrostan' Zhu and Julius 'kagomekagome' Fleischer.

Some 20k-30k a year isn’t a lot, the play was heavily weighted towards the northern hemisphere’s winter-time apart from 2014, and 2-7 Triple Draw was a second-favourite game - but we’re not going to find enough clues there to put a name to the PLO beast.

It was the spring of 2014 that saw FollowTheHawk finally break through the $1million profit barrier…

…but it was short-lived as he spent the late summer mixing it with a slew of online beasts, and an inevitable downswing appeared, PLO variance catching up with him, though a good recovery limited the losses.

In the midst of it were some outrageous battles at $500/$1k PLO and $1k/$2k Triple Draw, with 6-max tables his preference all the way.

When we get in to 2015, FollowTheHawk goes on an early spree, and by spring he was back over $900k in the black, and that was pretty much the end of a phenomenal three years.


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