Is Jungleman About to Retire From High Stakes Poker?

Dan Jungleman Cates has suggested that his full-time poker career might be coming to an end. The enigmatic high stakes star has been blogging again since April 2020 and recently wrote an explanation into his role in the Bill Perkins ghosting scandal.

By: Mark Patrickson

A new post on June 1st has given us some insight into what he’s been doing with himself during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it looks like we might not be seeing him around as much as before.

New Challenges

Anyone who has made as much money as Jungleman can be forgiven for losing a little motivation. Poker is a game you simply must love to be successful at it, but everyone has their limits.

Jungleman tells in his blog how he has been working on both his personal life and career and changes will be coming soon.

Reminiscing about recent events he said: Got screwed over a bit in new ways and in a scandal somehow despite having the tiniest role. So, I got something possibly worth more than money: life lessons and experience!”

Is it possible that he is feeling more than a little bitter after being nailed as the bad guy in the ghosting scandal. According to him there is a long list of pros who were doing this and he played very few hands overall. Certainly none against Dan Bilzerian who publicly outed him on Twitter.

The coming changes to his life might well be unrelated to what happened. Jungleman plainly says that poker no longer satisfies his ambitions. For a man who is barely past 30-years-old this is understandable.

Many people of that age who have only done one thing with their lives feel the need to experience different things.

He does mention that he still sees poker as a great way to gain financial freedom, even in today’s tough games: "Poker was and possibly still is an excellent way to go from having not much money to having enough to give one freedom.”

And he also makes it clear that he’s not disappearing from the scene, only changing direction a little.

“To be clear, I am not quitting poker, just shifting focus unless big opportunities or games come.”

Putting Down Roots

After spending so many years on the road, Jungleman is finally learning about domestic life. The lockdown has no doubt taught him how good it can be to feel settled in one place.

Working on his diet and even taking acting lessons shows that he now has a thirst to experience new things.

One major change to his life over recent times is an interest in spirituality. The concept of enlightenment has driven him to frequently practice meditation and even travel to India to do some kriya yoga.

It will be a great shame if Jungleman decides that his new experiences are more interesting and rewarding than poker. He is one of the most followed poker plates in history. Clearly one of the world’s best players over the last decade, the scene will be a lot poorer without him around to entertain us.


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