MissFabry wins $120k vs OnlyGodAbove

We did not have so much action yesterday but we had a pretty good HU games on the $200/400 table. MissFabry faced OnlyGodAbove in a 160 min long session and when it was over MissFabry had a $160k stack with a profit on $120k.

OnlyGodAbove try to steal the pot on the river, $57k pot
Once again MissFabry makes a good call on the river, $54k pot

OnlyGodAbove started this month very good and was quite much up, but this week he have lost almost -$520k on the sessions we have been monitoring. So hes earlier winnings this month is gone and he is currently down about -$160k.

MissFabry have also had a very tough month so I guess the winning today was a big relief, he is currenlty down -$362k on the sessions we have been monitoring this month. 

Hopefully both of these players will soon have green numbers, it's always big swings in Omaha PL and the results can change very fast ;)

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