Tom Dwan Lost $1,000,000 Betting on UFC 250 Underdog

Tom Dwan took to Twitter with a sick brag of sorts, claiming that he had bet – and lost! - $1million on the Cody Garbrandt vs Raphael Assuncao UFC fight…

By: Andrew Burnett

More used to betting $1million at the poker tables rather than on sports, Dwan’s punt on the bantamweight brawl backfired when Cody ‘No Love’ Garbrandt landed a vicious right uppercut-cum-hook to end the UFC 250 fight just 1 second before the buzzer ended round 2.

Dwan seemed rather unfazed by the $1million loss after backing the Brazilian veteran to make it zero out of four for Garbrandt, the former crusher of the division…

Although the every-witty Scottish poker pro Ludovic Geilich offered up a funny take on the bet…

Even that sum would be a pretty huge US$129,000, but Dwan’s fans and followers weren’t done yet ribbing him, among the comments…

  • ‘Youre bluffing dwan I don't believe u’
  • ‘it doesn't count if you sell 95% of the bet at a markup’

…and it wasn’t long before someone stated the very obvious…

That of course relates to the infamous Durrrr challenge match with Dan 'Jungleman' Cates, which you can read about here – and which Doug Polk described as ‘the biggest scam in poker history’.

That kicked off almost a decade ago, and it was also a time when Dwan was noted for outrageous bets with fellow legends – a $1million ‘vegetarian for year’ prop bet against Phil Ivey among them.

Phil was the one giving up meat, but  tapped out after just 3 weeks, handing $150k over to Dwan to buy out of the bet.

The big question now for poker fans is when will we see Dwan back at the tables with $1million in front of him? Whenever Triton Poker can start their games again is the obvious answer, but that could take a while…


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