All World Poker Tour Final Tables Will Be Completed After COVID-19 Lockdown Ends

All three outstanding WPT final tables that were due to happen before the COVID-19 lockdown will be played as soon as the card rooms open for business.

By: Mark Patrickson

WPT Executive Tour Director Matt Savage told how plans are still in place for all three events to be finished at the HyperX Esports Arena, but the sticking point of social distancing remains.

Waiting Around

The COVID-19 lockdown has completely killed the live poker scene. Not only have all festivals for the summer been cancelled, but the cash game scene is also dead.

A total of four Season XVIII events didn’t even get off the ground and three final tables of six players each are still waiting on the word to come and play.

The $10,000 Gardens Poker Championship, $10,000 L.A. Poker Classic, and the $3,500 Borgata Winter Poker Open are all still up in the air.

New Rules

The biggest sticking point for these WPT events and live cash games to get up and running again is the post-COVID-19 guidelines. No more than four players are allowed to sit at a card table with the WPT final tables needing to cater for six.

It remains to be seen if new larger tables can be manufactured to at least request a change to a limit of six players and get Las Vegas card rooms kicked started.

There have also been many shouts on social media saying to move the events online but this is selling the brand short somewhat. Reaching a WPT final table is a career defining moment for most players and to force these guys to miss out on the glitz of the day is unfair.

“...the full experience that making a WPT televised final table deserves.”

Savage told how sixth place money has already been paid out to thank the participants for their patience.

“Communication has been constant and the players realize that it is a situation out of our control, and the prevailing thought is that they look forward to settling the business at hand at a future date as soon as possible.”

Everyone is hoping that the events that never started will soon run but time is running out. Even so, Savage did point out that Season XVIII will not be officially over until the Tournament of Champions is played.

So, everything now depends on how quickly the situation in the US sorts itself out. Unless the post-COVID-19 guidelines are amended to allow a solution, it is unlikely that there will be any kind of live poker going on over the next couple of months.


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