PokerStars Makes Changes to Exploit Micro Stakes Players

PokerStars has introduced a trial change for their $2NL-$10NL Zoom games adding antes into the mix. The market leaders have repeatedly come under fire over the last few years for a whole raft of unwanted changes and this new rake grab really takes the biscuit.

By: Mark Patrickson

Targeting the Weakest

By making the starting pot bigger the average final pot will also be bigger leading to an increase in rake paid. Everybody already knows that the micro stakes are tough to play your way out of and this change will just make it even tougher.

This is typical behaviour from PokerStars who repeatedly make changes in order to increase the amount of rake they pull in.

Only months ago they set a limit of four reg tables which led to a lot of regs switching to the Zoom pool. Now microstakes regs are going to have a much tougher time of it with the net winner being PokerStars.

They really are doing everything they can to make it more difficult for winning players. The Spin & Go concept while still beatable comes with massive variance and is nothing but a rake factory.

Regular sit & go’s are now almost impossible to play for a living at small stakes as they once were. PokerStars wants all the recreational players handing over their investment to them in rake instead of being collected by the winning regs.

PokerStars Support Defunct

Back in the day, PokerStars had the best support team and loyalty scheme to be found on any poker site. Now it feels like they are in a race to upset as many customers as possible.

You simply cannot get a prompt reply to an email any longer. People are having to wait two to three weeks for even a message that they need to be patient.

The number of random account audits has also gone through the roof. People are reporting on social media that their account has been frozen and they don’t even know why.

Nobody is suggesting that checks which are required by law should be ignored but it’s starting to get a bit ridiculous now.

Respected live tournament pro and Unibet ambassador David Lappin was one recently affected player who was locked out of his account.

“I’m up to 16 days now waiting on a reply. When I posted a tweet about it, 10 or so others said they were waiting longer.”

After tweeting this message @StarsSupport was straight on the case, but Lappin wasn’t happy.

The thread quickly filled up with similar tales and nobody it seemed had received a single reply.

“I'm at 14 days. 2 weeks and not even an acknowledgement. I pay my fair share of rake. We all deserve better.”

At the same time as Lappin’s Twitter thread there was a parallel one running from a member of Patrick Leonard’s stable BitB Coaching, Donald 'd7o1d1s0' Rae.

During the SCOOP festival he was locked out of his account for no less than the third time in four months.

“@GamRegGB It's been 5 days since my account was flagged for security review, I've contacted @StarsSupport numerous times with no response. I have a substantial balance on there which they are holding hostage, what should I do? Surely they can't just do this?? The below is obv BS”

The below he is referring to is a promise that PokerStars support is answering queries 24/7. This is most definitely a flat out lie.

Hopefully people will realise that publicly shaming the company on Twitter is the only way to get some kind of response.


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