The Statistics of Online Gambling In the UK

Many people have always preferred gambling as their favorite pastime, right from the beginning of time. That is why some of the games could be traced back to the origin of humanity, while some just arrived with the advancement in technology. The rise in online casinos and the newest slot sites has also brought about an increase in the number of people that view sites like the that provide casino ratings, as people continue to search for the best online casino for them to play.

Now, apart from the fun and entertainment that comes with good poker hands or the spinning of slot machines, players are also looking for amazing bonuses, access from anywhere and at any time, and the convenience that comes from playing at home. That is why the world of gambling has been transformed by online casino games, as revealed by the statistics.

Brits Throw In £5.6bn in Online Casinos

It was in 1994 that the online casinos surfaced, and there were fears of whether people would want to gamble from the comfort of their homes. Fast forward to 26 years after and you will simply marvel at the statistics. The online casino sector in the UK keeps rising. The gambling commission of the UK revealed that £14.5 billion was spent on gaming in the UK in 2018, and 38% of those were spent in online gambling. The amount of money spent by the Brits in online casinos between October 2017 and September 2018 is £5.6 billion. This amounts to more than the amount they spent on brick and mortar casinos, national lottery, bingo, and other lotteries put together. We may also trace this rise to the arrival and proliferation of mobile casino apps. The mobile casinos allow people to enjoy games wherever and whenever, under any condition, unlike the brick and mortar houses where you will need to move away from your location and get to the casino houses or the desktop casinos where you must sit in front of the computer at home or in the office.

Online Sports Books Are On the Rise

Another area of the online casino industry worth mentioning is the connection between different games and types of gambling on the same platform, and this allows players to switch from one form of game to the other just by a tap on their device screen or a click of the mouse. Because of this interconnectivity, the online sportsbooks are soaring in popularity. Players are no longer compelled to drive down to the bookie nearby to place bets; rather, they sit in the comfort of their homes, and use the link next to their casino games to get to the sportsbook on the same site.

Now, while many people still engage in non-remote betting, as it still stands as the second largest sector here, with up to £3.2 billion value, the revenue of the online sportsbooks rose to £2 billion. As reported by the gambling commission, Brits now have the preference of betting on football or horses when they come online, and these two categories have always held their own when it comes to sports betting anytime any day.

Community Stands Tall - Bingo

Now, while the online casino industry can chest these accolades and revel in them, one of the sectors within it always stands to be counted when push comes to shove. The bingo games have been and are still a local community affair. Though bingo is offered by the most popular online casinos, and some casinos even specialize in offering bingo games, the number of bingo players that would prefer to do it online is put at 3 million out of the total 12 million.

Many people see the online bingo as a feminine thing. While researching poker advertisements, McMullan and Kervin discovered that poker advertisements are full of extremely sexualized content that appeal to the young male population. In the same vein, a document by a set of authors, named ‘The Online Bingo Boom in the UK: A Qualitative Examination of Its Appeal’ revealed that the opposite is the case in the bingo sites. There is community oriented and local content that appeals to the female folks here. That is why the ladies love it. This theory is also supported by the, with the claim that 75% of all players of bingo games are women, and they are normally drawn to the free or fun mode of play, vibrant or elegant colors, and making more friends, instead of serious gambling with huge money.


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