Real Time AI Helps Cheating Group Win $millions

The poker community is reeling at accusations of massive bot usage across several sites, one outed alleged cheat showing $500,000 profit with suspected assisted play.

By: Andrew Burnett

It comes as Patrick Leonard also went public with a video showing real-time poker software being used to give ‘GTO solutions’ during play on GGPoker. Leonard describes it as ‘the biggest threat to online poker’

The shocking news was first aired on the 2plus2 forum, TylerRM posting results from his investigation into possible bot use/help on 888poker.

‘Today I have found a group of players, that uses similar/identical AI (artificial intelligence) for decision making in schedule tournaments on 888 poker site. While recently 888 has banned many players with “Using AI” ban reason, I want to help 888 and clean tournaments from cheaters.’

Tyler shares screenshots of the winrates, playing stats and dozens of names of alleged cheats, with many more suspected of using AI to enhance their play.

It’s not entirely clear if the cheats are using real-time solving software, or using pre-solved data in real-time, but the effects are chilling for the everyday reg and rec.

One of the major issues raised was whether many sites making Hand Histories generally unavailable was actually helping the cheats rather than helping the playing community at large.

Many of the most egregious cheating cases were discovered by the poker community having access to hand histories.

Now only the most dubious of people – and those like TylerRM who broke the rules in order to investigate – will pay for them.

Matt Berkey was among those who were taking the matter very seriously, tweeting multiple times on the dangers of the ever-increasing ability of software to aid players.

The poker sites themselves have attempted to keep up with the pace and ingenuity of cheats and ne'er-do-wells, though at differing rates and with different success rates.

888Poker responded in the forum to the main allegations: ‘We appreciate the research done by OP and are taking this case very seriously as we do in regards to any suspected use of AI. The information you have provided has been escalated and these accounts are being thoroughly reviewed.’

They added: ‘While we do not share results of our investigations in relation to specific accounts publicly, we can assure you that upon findings, appropriate action will be taken.’


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