Vice Journalist Admits Cheating at Online Poker With a Bot

A journalist for Vice Media has admitted cheating on Bet365 by using an off-the-shelf poker app to play for him. Hayden Vernon ramped up his £1 investment into a £220 bankroll using the shady bot and then wrote an article showing how.

By: Mark Patrickson

No Room for Cheaters in Poker

Vice journalists are famed for their holier than thou attitude, yet here we have one who is encouraging readers to break terms and conditions and potentially have their bankroll confiscated.

As you might expect, when Vernon posted his article on Twitter there was an almighty backlash from poker fans.

“You're a disgrace and @VICE should yank your piece while explaining to the public that you broke the terms of service on every one of the sites where you played, something you conveniently omitted.”

Vernon explains how he bought the generic program from BonusBots and was assisted by what sounds to be the website owner Egor.

“The website I get it from looks like it's going to give my computer hepatitis, but the bot’s easy enough to use and even comes with different profiles depending on the style of game you want to play.”

Egor proceeds to encourage Vernon to switch from small stakes cash games, where he isn’t doing great, to tournaments.

He explains how the program works for both cash games and tournaments but performs much better with tournament poker.

Vernon feels he has nothing to lose and drops £1 out of £5 left in the account into a MTT. The result was sadly not what poker players wanted to see.

“I win a couple of big hands and soon I'm in fifth place, then third, then second. Then there’s just two of us left. I’m still way behind the first-placed player and pretty content to take the £150 second prize. But the other guy goes all in on a few bad hands. He’s rattled. The bots keep winning until eventually the other guy has nothing left. I bag top spot and take £220!”

Those of you out there that are not aware of what a poker bot is, please do not see Vernon’s article as an idea to try out. You will almost certainly have your account closed at some point in the near future, losing all of the funds.


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