Ron 'McDaddy15' McMillen lifts WSOP 6-max Bracelet and $188,214

Ron McMillen, aka McDaddy15, lifted the gold bracelet for event 9 on the WSOP online schedule, his first venture into online poker bagging him $188,214 to go with the jewellery…

By: Andrew Burnett

With 1026 entries to the $1k buy-in NLHE 6-max tournament, more than a third of them rebuys, the prizepool sat at $974,700, meaning the top two would pocket 6-figure sums.

Among the big names to make it to the cash were Chris 'Robotbob47' Moorman (sneaking into the 143 paid spots in 141st for $1,657) with Daniel 'DNegs' Negreanu taking 96th for $1,851, while Nick 'cashUSklay' Schulman managed 43rd spot for $3,703.

The final table was a brutal affair, McMillen taking out Ian 'apokerjoker2' Steinman in a tense race, while Im.Sorry busted moodeez in 5th and then produced this hand against Ruth 'crazeelf666' Ruffman.

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

Im.Sorry: Q♥ Q♠
crazeelf666: 10♦ 10♠
Flop: A♣ 8♦ 2♦
Turn: 6♥
River: 5♥

Disposing of WillowG23 in 3rd, that left Im.Sorry heads-up against McMillen and with a 2-1 chip lead. However, pocket tens prevailing over AQ saw McMillen turn the tables.

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

Down to just 10BBs, the following hand sealed the tournament’s fate…

Im.Sorry: K♥ 4♣
McDaddy15: 10♦ 5♦
Flop: K♦ 7♦ 6♥
Turn: Q♦
River: 2♣

Final results

1 Ron MacDaddy15 McMillen $188,214
2 Im.Sorry $116,379
3 WillowG23 $81,972
4 Ruth crazeelf666 Ruffman $58,482
5 moodeez $42,301
6 Ian apokerjoker2 Steinman $30,995



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