Michael Clacher Wins WSOP $1,500 Fifty Stack NLHE for $297K

Michael Clacher became only the third-ever South African WSOP bracelet winner taking down event 36 - the $1,500 FIFTY STACK NLHE - for $297,496 and the coveted gold jewellery

By: Andrew Burnett

It has been fully 30 years since Hugh Todd lifted the $5k Limit 7-card stud title, a year after Norman Keyser won gold in the $2k NLHE.

Many might struggle to even name a leading South African player, but Clacher may well change that after topping a field of 1,342 players.

That had produced a prizepool of $1,912,3550, with 188 players cashing, Mike McDonald among them, though falling in 35th spot when he ran into a flopped flush.

Jeff 'muitoforte' Gross finished 32nd taking the same $6347 cash as McDonald, the popular pro and commentator KO’d by the only WSOP bracelet holder left in the field, Joao Vieira.

Come the final table and Vieira was still in the hunt for gold, busting Viktor 'Ryuzaki1' Zsemlye in 8th spot with pocket queens and watching on as both Dixon and Joshi were sent packing by pocket jacks.

Vieira’s bid for a second bracelet ended in 5th spot for $82,510.25 when his legitimate small blind squeeze came unstuck as Caprioli woke up in the big blind with a bigger ace…

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Joao Vieira: A♣ 7♣
Rodrigo PAPAI_PIG Caprioli: A♠ J♥
Flop: 8♣ 7♦ K♥
Turn: 4♥
River: J♦

Caprioli would find AJ again to dispose of Martin Zamani in 4th, but when Olivier Rebello picked up the same hand it would fail to win a race against Clacher’s pocket fives, meaning 3rd place and $156,673 for the Canadian.

Heads-up saw the pair evenly matched in chips, but as Clacher pulled away, Caprioli bluffed at the wrong time with his busted straight draws…

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Clacher: Q♦ 4♦
Caprioli: 8♦ 7♦
Flop: 4♠ 5♥ 9♣
Turn: 10♣
River: Q♣

Clacher snapped off the river shove with his two pair and the bracelet was his, along with a $297,496 payday, Caprioli’s runner-up cash worth $215,892.

Final Table Payouts

1 Michael YesPlease Clacher $297,496
2 Rodrigo PAPAI_PIG Caprioli $215,892
3 Olivier BigPapyBoss Rebello $156,673
4 Martin FuTimReilly Zamani $113,697
5 Joao Vieira $82,510
6 Neel Neel Joshi $59,877
7 Rich DadPoker Dixon $43,453
8 Viktor Ryuzaki1 Zsemlye $31,534
9 Jose Luis Machenzzio Davila $22,884


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