Daniel Negreanu’s TwitchTV Account Banned

Daniel Negreanu has had his TwitchTV account banned in the middle of his WSOP streaming schedule, almost certainly because of his recent online meltdowns…

By: Andrew Burnett

The Canadian superstar of poker celebrated his 46th birthday yesterday, and it has been a month full of ups and downs for the GGPoker ambassador.

With 15 cashes out of 26 events played in the WSOP schedule, Negreanu has been chasing his 7th gold bracelet, but as usual he has had his naysayers and trolls to deal with.

First he had to deal with the somewhat dodgy WSOP.com software, earning himself negative Brownie points for his OTT reaction as revealed last week

That was followed by this week’s brutal episode, Negreanu raging at a troll who made several comments about his wife, Amanda, during his Twitch stream - with an old foe quickly picking up on it

There’s a more than decent chance it was complaints about this latter explosive rant that has culminated in DNegs’ account being banned – and there appears to be no end date to the injunction.

To add to Daniel’s less-than-perfect birthday, his archnemesis Doug Polk released a brutal parody compilation of DNegs clips, including a concluding dildo-sucking scene that has to be seen to be believed…

Though Daniel appeared to be able to laugh that off, at least publicly…

…it might become more difficult to laugh off calls for him to lose his GG sponsorship, recent events taking the shine off the WSOP schedule that his new paymasters have put together.

An ongoing poll over at HighStakesDB is roughly tied as to whether KidPoker should be severely reprimanded for his recent outbursts.

Daniel has yet to comment on the TwitchTV ban and we’ll bring you the latest updates on this breaking story as and when they appear.


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