Negreanu’s TwitchTV Ban ‘Apology’ and ‘Blackface’ Explanation

Daniel Negreanu has responded to his TwitchTV ban with a humorous staged announcement during his latest stream, and also touched on his historic but divisive blackface routine.

By: Andrew Burnett

The news broke that DNegs’ TwitchTV account had been shut down on the back of his recent outburst – after a troll had made comments about his wife Amanda - and there was no end date in sight for the ban.

In a strange twist, Daniel’s tweet that he’d be making an announcement on stream was met by a TwitchTVPoker tweet and reply that had heads shaking…

That led on to Negreanu’s ‘best behaviour’ comedy routine as he began streaming his latest WSOP foray on YouTube.

Although technical hiccups and an unfortunate early bustout were clearly a sore test of his patience, Daniel somehow got through it.

Negreanu opened by stating: “I would like to formally apologize for suggesting that breaking a troll’s teeth and then feeding them to him anally is the appropriate way to deal with an opposing viewpoint.”

The tongue-in-cheek apology was a far cry from his outburst, one that used most of the expletives in his arsenal, including “cockmotherfucking piece of shit” and several “fuck you in the ass” comments.

The rant also saw Negreanu’s archnemesis Doug Polk jump in with a brutal compilation featuring many of Negreanu’s most divisive comments over the years.

One of those ‘moments’ was the hugely embarrassing ‘blackface’ video from 20 years ago that resurfaced last year to much comment and headshaking.

Negreanu addressed that yet again in his ‘apology’ stream and also on Twitter…

Negreanu added: “I never had bad intentions at all obviously. I would never do a video like that today. A lot of people try to take a 20-year old video and use it to label a person for life.”

It seems unlikely that Negreanu will get through the ongoing WSOP schedule without further controversy, although it hardly seems to be affecting his play – KidPoker topping the in the money table so far with 15 cashes.


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