Daniel Negreanu Refuses To Answer Doug Polk's DMs: Why The Challenge Won't Happen!

Another day, another barbed Doug Polk tweet, and another reason for Daniel Negreanu to eventually say no to the highly-anticipated heads-up Grudge Match for Rollz between the warring pros…

By: Andrew Burnett

As we reported recently, Polk finally riled his long-time enemy just enough to get Kid Poker to accept a highstakes online ‘straightener’ – Negreanu outlining his reasons for accepting in yet another newsworthy statement released on his blog.

The ‘grudge match’ that the poker public had been calling for over the past few years was, apparently, on – both men loosely agreeing…

However, with Negreanu knee-deep in the WSOP currently being played out on his paymaster’s GGPoker site, poor Doug has been left twiddling his thumbs for the past few days…DNegs not responding to his messages.

Of course the fans, followers, media and trolls – some all in rolled up in one – were delighted to have something to bite on, some defending Negreanu…

“…Maybe it’s because Daniel is busy in Mexico doing wsop events and you are scratching around bored in your basement,” and… “Umm... Well, he is in Mexico with his wife. He is playing every WSOP event. This week was his wife's birthday. So, forgive him for not being obsessed with you and thinking about you every day.”

Polk’s fans fought back, not believing that Negreanu will put his money where his mouth is come the time: “I wish I had people...of course he is going to back out, he is a bully! When you call them out, they runaway and hide!” one of the more printable comments.

Negreanu himself finally found a spare minute to let Doug know that there’s a bit more to life than the grudge match… 

…but for Polk it wasn’t good enough, responding in Shaun Deeb literary fashion: “I think in the future it would be great to just say "Lets worth the details out after WSOP" so I know its on and you arent ignoring my dm's like a 12 year old.”

Polk has been at least a little busy, the ‘retired pro’ getting in some much-needed practice, though so far it’s not exactly gone according to plan…

Come match time and Polk, theoretically at least, shouldn’t have too much trouble fending off Negreanu – the biggest problem may actually be getting the match played.

The smart money may actually be going on Polk pissing Negreanu off so much that DNegs simply gives up on the idea of settling things once and for all.


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