Who is MMAsherdog?

High stakes crusher MMAsherdog is an online prodigy who made his way up to the highest stakes cash games online. Considered one of the greatest NL Hold’em cash players of this generation, MMAsherdog can usually be seen on the $200/400 cash tables battling with other poker phenomenons such as OtB_RedBaron, limitless and mexican222.

By: James Currie

Over the course of 300k hands MMAsherdog managed to accumulate over $1 million in earnings alone from online cash games:

Unlike a lot of the old school guys who have been battling the stakes online for decades, MMAsherdog was spotted in 2014/2015 playing high stakes cash online and has battled with the best ever since he made his way onto the high stakes scene. There has not been much coverage of his history prior to playing the highest games, yet sources and other poker players have claimed that he has plenty of online experience where he built on his fundamentals.

Although he remains anonymous, MMAsherdog has branched outside of playing poker to review some live hands on YouTube as well as analysing some of his old sessions from the past. They have become pretty popular since he started doing these videos back in 2018 and no wonder why!

In this video, MMAsherdog analyses a couple of his previously played online hands:

MMAsherdog decided to fire a thin river shove and gets the light call down. This pot earned him $80,400 and is his biggest cash pot played online to date.

The nut turn card in this next pot earned him his second biggest cash pot to date:

Outside the free content that he offers, MMAsherdog has his own poker coaching site called BluffTheSpot that he runs as head coach.

To sum up, the reputation MMAsherdog has built over the past five years is astonishing and his poker ability is second to none. Although we are not sure of his identity, we can expect to see more on his YouTube channel BluffTheSpot where he continuously uploads hands and further poker content.


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