Fedor Holz Loses €53,000 In Heads Up Challenge vs ChaoRen

Fedor Holz lost his pole position the RunItOnce 2020 Legends Showdown this week after suffering a €53,000 thumping from Swedish online beast Mikael ChaoRen160 Thuritz…

By: Andrew Burnett

The pair are part of a six-player battle royale fighting it out on Phil Galfond’s poker room for a €40,000 bonus prize and bragging rights, the €50/€100 HUNL matches offering plenty of opportunities to cash in for the best of the bunch.

Holz had opened the first of his three 1st round matches with a healthy win over Kevin 'krab42' Rabichow, the German former wunderkind taking close to €50k with a late burst in the 750-hand match-up.

Thuritz, meanwhile, had chucked almost €30k against Pauli 'Filismies' Ayras in his opener, with an ill-advised triple-barrel bluff accounting for most of that towards the end of their pairing.

Yesterday saw Holz and Thuritz square off, the German certain to proceed to the semi-finals if he won, with his Swedish opponent out of the race if he lost.

Thuritz got out to an early lead, with hands like this one…Holz snap-calling the river only to see the bad news in a €28k pot.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Thuritz: A♦ J♦
Holz: 5♠ 6♠
Flop: 5♥ 7♠ A♥
Turn: J♠
River: 6♦

The match see-sawed its way through 600 hands until Thuritz blitzed away to a more than comfortable victory over the last 150 hands, his eventual €53k win launching himself into 2nd position behind runaway leader Ayras.

Holz now finds himself battling to avoid elimination if he can’t produce a final round result – the top four going through to the semi-final play-offs.

Current standings:

Pauli Filismies Ayras +2 +€64,916
Mikael ChaoRen160 Thuritz +1 -1 +€23,870
Fedor CrownUpGuy Holz +1 -1 -€3,971
Kevin krab42 Rabichow +1 -1 -€13,172
Bjorn AsianFlushie Li +1 -1 -€34,668
Makeboifin -2 -€36,974


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